Leak Detection

Leak Detection Services

Do you hear running water even after you’ve turned off the faucet? Did your water bill increase without you using more water? These can all be indications that you have leaks in your plumbing. Gates Plumbing LLC provides a comprehensive range of water leak detection services to residential and commercial property owners who suspect that they have water leakage problems. Water leaks can occur in old as well as new residential and commercial properties. The following conditions can cause sudden and unexpected pipe damage:Leak Detection

  • Improper Installation
  • Ground Settling
  • Corrosion
  • Cracks

If left un-repaired the problem can damage your property to the point of making it unusable. It takes a blending of expert specialists and quality equipment to detect hidden leaks. By utilizing our water leak detection services, not only are we saving water, but saving residential and commercial owners millions of dollars in costly property damage and destruction as well.

Water Leak Detection

Undetected water leaks can pose a safety concern. That is why you should contact a reliable water leak detection service to help you with slab leak detection, sewer line and drain pipe leaks at the very first sign of damage. The earlier the water leak detection is done, the less damage there will be and the quicker the leak repair can be accomplished.

Common symptoms of water leaks include:

  • Hot spots on the floor
  • Cracks in walls or flooring
  • Excessive moisture under carpeting
  • Development of mold or mildew on or around flooring
  • Higher water bills
  • You hear running water when no water is being used
  • Your walls or floors are wet and spongy
  • Common Locations of Water Leaks

While water leaks can happen anywhere, there are some common places leaks may arise.

Water Leaks

  • Service lines – This plumbing provides the water to your building. It may run under lawns, walkways, landscaping, driveways, etc. These are all areas that you do not want to have to tear up in order to determine the location of your leak.
  • Slab leaks – The plumbing under the slab of the building can develop a leak that is difficult to find and has the potential for major property damage.
  • In walls and floors – Hot and cold plumbing lines can leak inside these areas.
  • Basements and crawl spaces – Leaks will find the path of least resistance; therefore, water may accumulate in these hidden locations.
  • You can rely on our leak detection specialists to locate and repair every type of water leak in and around your property.

Water Leak Detection Services by Gates Plumbing LLC

If you are searching for a water leak detection services, Gates Plumbing LLC can get the job done for you! We are experienced water leak detection professionals and will be able to detect any leaks before they cause major damage. We provide water leak detection services with the following benefits:

  • Accurately detect and locate water leaks
  • Use the latest water leak detection techniques
  • Saving you valuable time and money

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