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Repair, Maintenance and Service Water Heaters

Water HeatersHot water is more than a convenience—it’s a daily necessity for cooking, cleaning, bathing, doing laundry, and washing dishes. A water heater is under constant stress to deliver the hot water you and your family enjoy every day. But because it operates silently behind the scenes, it’s difficult to predict when a problem will occur or when a small issue is worth worrying about.

For water heater repair, maintenance and replacement services, call Gates Plumbing LLC. We perform all the water heater services you need, from installing a high-efficiency unit to keeping the appliance up and running for years to come.

Water Heater Repair

When selecting a plumber to repair your water heater it is important to select a licensed, bonded and insured plumber who will get the job done right the first time. A leaking water heater is the number one reason for a repair or replacement of a home water heater.
Gates Plumbing LLC provides service, repair, and maintenance when customers have no hot water when water from the water heater smells or is discolored, or simply when there is not enough hot water from the water heater on a regular basis. Symptoms that your water heater may need attention include:

  • Strange sounds coming from the water heater: Gurgling, bubbling, or popping sounds are all common when a water heater is about to fail.
  • Insufficient hot water: A properly operating 40- or 50-gallon tank should be able to supply enough hot water for two or three back-to-back showers. If yours is unable to keep up, it may need maintenance to restore maximum output.
  • Murky hot water: A water heater with rust on the inside may cause hot water to run brown. Draining and flushing the tank may resolve this problem.
  • A leaky relief valve or rusty tank: Is your water heater leaking? Call Gates Plumbing LLC to address these problems before the tank fails and floods your home!

Water Heater Replacement

There are numerous factors that determine whether a water heater needs to be replaced. Most water heaters have a lifespan of 8-12 years depending on a variety of conditions including water quality, type of water heater (gas or electric), maintenance routines and overall usage. Sometimes you cannot repair the water heater and it is best to replace the old water heater with the installation of a new water heater. There are two types of water heaters that are to be considered when replacing your water heater. A traditional tank unit or a high-efficiency tankless model.

Our team of water heater experts can assess each unique individual’s hot water situation and often replace your water heater the same day! Because water heaters account for the greatest use of energy in your home next to heating and cooling, we understand the importance of helping our customers choose a solution that is both energy efficient and affordable.

Water Heater Service by Gates Plumbing LLC

Water Heater ServiceWhen it comes time to replace or repair your water heater it is important to be proactive and have a trusted and professionally licensed plumber selected to perform the new water heater installation. Gates Plumbing LLC can handle your water heater servicing needs.

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